The PACTO Platform

Realtime access to your production data.

Adding Value for our Clients

Our solutions were designed based on years of experience and tailored to provide accurate and real-time insights to what is happening on the production floor. It was developed to be an integral tool for any manufacturing operation, supporting all major production aspects of your business.


Increase Productivity

  • Intuitive KPI dashboards increase production visibility, driving production performance
  • Sets clear targets for OEE, Downtime and Waste
  • Enhances team engagement and communications by providing a single platform
  • Simplifies & centralized Actions Management helps increase accountability and drive result

Enhance Team Performance

  • Improves efficiency of Production Leads and Supervisors, allows for increased time of active supervision on the floor
  • Paperless solution, eliminate physical quality inspection paperwork and manual recording (audit ready)
  • Push notifications and alerts for non-compliance issues
  • Reduce lost time due to quality compliance issues

Main Features

  • iOS based app and AWS hosted
  • Production Performance Management
  • Manual and sensor-based data input system
  • Product Quality Compliance
  • Paperless production floor
  • In-person and online training